As a committee member, chairman, and project leader for the AIIM Standards Program, Bob Blatt has been our go-to person for advice and knowledge on content and document management technologies in all areas including the implementation, utilization, and deployment of document management.

Bob Blatt has been a trusted member of the standards committee. In his various capacities for AIIM, he has worked toward the development of a number of the AIIM standards. As the project lead for many international meetings, Bob adheres to project timelines and milestones. He is a great communicator, ensuring that everyone in the meeting has an equal voice while obtaining a consensus on concepts and features of the standards – and writing the concepts that are incorporated into the AIIM regulating documents.

His major hallmark is his tried-and-true implementation methodology that has been honed by years of skill and experience. His methodology has become the foundation of AIIM guideline of best practices.

You will be wise to use Bob Blatt services and that of EID when implementing a content and document management system. He brings years of experience to the table through both his work within the industry and knowledge through the AIIM standards committee.

I can’t speak highly enough about Robert Blatt and the EID team. His knowledge and experience has helped to guide us through a successful On-Base project implementation. Not only did the project go smoothly under his direction, but the EID team was able to bring the collision of IT and Records Management into an efficient and unified partnership.

Robert was a guiding light, working right by our side to make sure that we made the right decisions, avoided pitfalls, and kept moving forward toward our goal. Robert stayed on our side, giving freely of his time, skills and extensive knowledge. Under his care, we were able to bring our content management system into the “Now.”

As a public servant, when provided funds for a project it is important to utilize them effectively and to the best of our ability. With the help of the EID team, we were able to do just that.

As the CIO of a mid-sized national workers comp carrier, I hired Robert Blatt and the EID team in the capacity of on on-base system with workflow. We required an overhaul of our document management system that serviced over 300 million clients.

Robert Blatt was in charge of the Assessment through the RFP process. He had a complete understanding of our business needs, company readiness, and document process. He successfully mapped out the workflow and its impact on each area. He was detailed, knowledgeable and disciplined through every step of the process.

His contacts in the industry ran very deep, and his knowledge of document management is unsurpassed. I would absolutely choose to work with Bob Blatt and the EID team again. I give EID my highest recommendation.

Skip Borland, Former CIO, National Workers Comp Carrier
The Housing Authority of the County of Alameda had the hard work of moving from a paper to a paperless environment. With a total of several million records, and the annual reexamination of hundreds of thousands, this transition was no easy task.

We made the right choice when hiring Bob Blatt and the EID team. They have the experience and background in technology from assessment through installation of such a major process. He provided a clear point of direction for our workflow process that resulted in:

  • Successful document tracking with barcodes
  • Decrease of needed staff by 15%
  • Boost in productivity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Better security and controls

We first hired Bob Blatt from EID in 2007 and continue to use his services regularly. He stepped us through the whole process from RFP, vendor selection through software installation.

In my experience, companies that do not have the background experience in document image controls, carry a heavy risk of heading down an incorrect path. Bob Blatt continues to be our go-to solution for all our document imaging and software selection needs. I strongly recommend the EID team.