Project Description

Vendor Selection | Electronic Document Management

Choosing the right vendor can feel overwhelming. As a vendor-neutral company, we’ll help you choose the right one for your electronic records system.

Our vendor management services include selecting and managing qualified vendors. When selecting the winning vendor, we base our our evaluation on their ability to perform the work in accordance with industry standards and their responsiveness to the technical requirements of your RFP.

Once the project is under way, we monitor the vendor for compliance with project plans and technical accuracy. We can also assist or direct periodic technical reviews.

Electronic Records Vendor Selection

System Testing and Evaluation

We can periodically evaluate your vendor’s performance and review it with you.

This means you can rest assured that your vendors are delivering what you asked for, and what you need, to have a trusted content management system that meets today’s industry standards and best practices.

Components of your trusted content management system must be integrated and tested to determine whether it meets your functionality, performance, quality, interface and security requirements.

Once your new electronic record technology is fully integrated, we can conduct system testing to validate it will operate in its intended environment, satisfies all user requirements, and is supported with complete and accurate operating documentation.

These activities typically include:

  • Installation Plan
  • Rollout Plan
  • Acceptance Test Plan
  • Operating Documentation
  • Users & Developer’s Reference Manual
  • Training Plan
  • Integration Test Plan
  • System Test Plan
  • Project Plan
  • Quality Assurance Plan