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Robert Blatt

Mr. Robert Blatt has over 30+ years of extensive technical and design experience in the content and document management and workflow industries. Starting his career at AT&T Bell Labs in 1979, Mr. Blatt, began working with interactive videodisc leading into content and document management technologies with a strength in storage technologies and process analysis and design. Since then, Mr. Blatt has participated in the analysis, design, project management and implementation of arobert blatt very significant number of large and medium sized content /document management and workflow-based solutions.

A few of the larger international clients such as Petronas Carigali, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Bank of Mexico, Presidential Office of Standards for Dominican Republic, California Secretary of State, along with other organizations including County of Tuolumne, United Food and Commercial Workers Union Insurance, County of San Mateo, Housing Authority of Alameda County, Northern California UFCW Trust Funds, California Contractors State License Board, California Department of Corporations, CalState University, Southern California UFCW/Food Fund, Conrail, UFCW/Drug Fund, EPCOT Center, 1984 Olympics, US Stamp and many others.

Mr. Blatt is the founder and Principal Consultant at Electronic Image Designers, Inc. which is one of the industry’s leading document management and workflow consulting organizations. Robert Blatt, in 1995, was inducted into the AIIM Company of Fellows (#173), which is the highest and most coveted award within the Content Management Industry. There are only a total of 191 people, world-wide, who have received this recognition since 1963.

EID has been recognized by the industry as being one of the industry’s oldest truly vendor neutral content/records management industry analysts. Robert Blatt is frequently asked to develop articles for magazines and to provide guidance and direction throughout the industry and is a frequent speaker on the topics of Trustworthy ECM solutions and overall ECM technologies.

Along with an extensive technical background (Beginning at Bell Labs), Mr. Blatt also has a law enforcement background and participated in numerous large national forensic investigations over the past several years, primarily focusing on Electronic Document Forensics. These investigations have included data and pattern analysis, data recovery from enterprise systems, and technical guidance to regulatory/enforcement counsel throughout several cases along with other technical forensic services. Mr. Blatt is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, Morris County Police Chiefs Association, and the National Sheriff’s Association CHPA-III.   Mr. Blatt also has led the development of most of the ECM industry ISO/ANSI standards on Trustworthy ECM Solutions.

Proffesional Associations & Industry Participation

Association for Image and Information Management (AIIM).
2008 – Received Thomas Bagg Standards Award
2005 – Inducted into AIIM Company of Fellows (#173)
2002 – Received Distinguished Service Citation
2002 – Received National Standards Leadership Award
2000 – Received ANSI/AIIM Standards Excellence Award
1998 – Appointed to the AIIM – U.S. Technical Advisory Group
1998 – Awarded Laureate of Information Technologies in Workflow
1998 – Awarded Laureate of Information Technologies in Document Image Management
1997 – Awarded Master of Information Technology

National & International Standardization Participation

2007 – 2014: Member ANSI/AIIM Standards Board
2006 – Present:   Co Chair US TAG to ISO/TC/171
2006 – Present:   ISO Liaison Officer TC/171 to TC/46/SC11
2004 – Present:   Chairman of ANSI/AIIM C21 Advanced Data Storage
2002 – Present:  ISO/TC171 SC2 ISO 22957 – US Chief Delegate to SC1, ISO Project Leader
2002 – Present:  ISO/TC171 SC2 ISO 22938 – US Chief Delegate to SC3, ISO Project Leader
2000 – Present:   Chairman of AIIM Implementation Guidelines Working Group
1999 – Present:   ISO/TC171 SC2 Technology – Chief US Delegate
1999 – Present:  ISO/TC171 SC1 Quality Issues – Document Imaging – US Expert
1999 – Present:  ISO/TC171 SC3 Legality Issues – Document Imaging – US Expert
1998 – Present:   Member of ANSI/AIIM US TAG
1998 – Present:   Chairman of C27.1 Document Management over the Internet standards
1997 – Present:   Chairman of C21.2 COLD/ERM standards committee
2014 – Present:  ISO Convener TC/171 SC1/WG8 Trusted WORM
2014 – Present:  ISO Convener TC/171 SC1/WG4 Trusted System Assessments

Short list of ANSI/AIIM/ISO Standards Developed (Additional Standards available)

ISO 18759 – Trusted WORM Specifications (ANSI/AIIM 25)
ISO 18829 – Trusted System Assessments
ISO 15801 – Information Stored Electronically – Recommendations for Trustworthiness and Reliability
ISO 22938 – XML Data Interchange
ISO 22957 – Analysis, Design, and Implementation Guidelines for ECM technologies (AIIM ARP 1)
ISO DIS 12029 – Forms design optimization for electronic image management
ISO DTS 12033 – Compression Technologies
ANSI/AIIM 25 Trusted ECM System Assessment
ANSI/AIIM ARP 1 – Analysis, Selection, & Implementation Guidelines for ECM Technologies
ANSI/AIIM TR41 – Optical Disk Storage Technology, Mgmt., and Standards (ISO NWI)
ANSI/AIIM TR45 – RFP guidelines for ECM technologies (Chairman) (ISO NWI)
ANSI/AIIM TR35 – Human/Org. Issues for Successful EIM Implementation
ANSI/AIIM TR39 – Guidelines for the Use of Media Error Monitoring & Reporting
ANSI/AIIM MS59 – Media Error Monitoring/Reporting Techniques for Data Verification
ANSI/AIIM TR27 – Information/Image Mgmt. Electronic Imaging RFP Guidelines (ISO NWI)
ANSI/AIIM MS55 – Recommended Practice for ID and Indexing of Page Components
ANSI/AIIM MS56 – Recommended Practice for Index Fields for Retrieval of Documents
ANSI/AIIM MS66 – Metadata for Interchange of Files on Sequential Storage Media
ANSI/AIIM MS71 – Conformance Tests for ANSI/AIIM MS66 – FSMS Metadata
ANSI/AIIM MS59 – XML data Interchange format

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