Project Description

Independent Project Oversight | Electronic Document Management

Having a neutral consultant—who can identify potential issues and risks that can adversely affect your project—can be invaluable. Project oversight, in terms of risk management and monitoring through an independent review and analysis of your project can be a tremendous asset to your organization.

Oversight that matches your needs

Projects of different sizes and criticality require different levels of project oversight. EID works closely with the client to determine what level of oversight is required and whether an oversight team is required (typically for very large or highly critical and complex projects), or a single highly experienced expert can provide the necessary level of oversight to ensure proper monitoring.

We’ll work closely with you to determine the level of oversight your project needs. That might mean an oversight team (typically for very large or highly critical and complex projects) or a single highly experienced expert. Either way, you can be sure your project will have the necessary level of oversight needed to provide proper monitoring.

Electrionic Document Management Project Oversight

Content/document management expertise

Each member of our oversight team has significant experience providing operational analysis, electronic content management solution procurement and electronic content management solution implementation.

Our project oversight specialists are subject matter experts within the content and document management industry. They have an in-depth understanding of risk management following the Carnegie Mellon University Continuous Risk Management methodology.

For each step this methodology includes:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Planning
  • Tracking
  • Control
  • Communication

This process ensures the three major components typically required by government agencies—review and assessment, reporting, and tracking—are addressed.

As a highly regarded consulting organization with an extensive track record in the industry, we can bring value to your electronic content management project by providing oversight, in-depth risk analysis and being a member of your project team.

We always provide vendor neutral consulting

We do not hold contracts, partnerships, or agreements with any vendor or agency. We serve our client only. Our focus is on the best solution for your organization without any other considerations to muddle the decision-making process.