About Robert Blatt

Contributing author, Robert M. Blatt, is the founder of EID and provides the “technology” subject matter expertise to EID’s clients who are in the process of wrangling their content into enterprise-wide electronic content management systems (ECM). Robert is highly regarded in the content management industry for his many years working with the US and international standard setting bodies. He has led many efforts to develop standards in the ECM industry, including most recently the best practices and standards surrounding trusted ECM systems, giving definition to what it means to have a trusted content management system. Having confidence that what you put into the system is what you retrieved, is afterall, often a crucial piece of the electronic content management puzzle.

Securing And Protecting Your Electronic Records

Over the past few years, many organizations have been attacked by data breaches and ransomware. The volume of these attacks, especially those that are successful, has increased to a level that has raised significant concern especially for organizations such as government agencies, health facilities and banks.An issue that almost every group encounters is that the [...]

Securing And Protecting Your Electronic Records2020-02-05T09:58:31-08:00

EID Works with Association to Solve PDF Search Issue

How often have you found yourself looking at the PDF on the screen and scratching your head wondering why a word or phrase you are looking at on the monitor or printout just can’t be found in the PDF. Well you are not alone, and in fact very recently EID, Inc. identified the issue during [...]

EID Works with Association to Solve PDF Search Issue2017-01-04T17:13:07-08:00

Same Questions Are Asked Around Globe About Electronic Content Management

AIIM, ANSI and ISO international standards for trusted systems, time and again the questions from ECM customers were focused in two areas we find the same in the US: 1) how do we start a project to develop an Enterprise-wide content management (ECM) system; and 2) how do we get our employees to embrace ECM technologies?

Same Questions Are Asked Around Globe About Electronic Content Management2017-01-04T17:13:08-08:00