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The electronic content/document management (ECM) industry is represented by AIIM International (Association for Information and Image Management).  This association is the ANSI accredited standards setting body for the ECM industry, AND provides varying levels of accreditation for those people providing ECM related consulting and design services.

The electronic content/document management (ECM) industry is represented by AIIM International (Association for Information and Image Management).  The
Content/Document/Records Standards and Best Practices are led by the ECM Standards Group sponsored by the 3DPC/ANSI consortium working closely with AIIM who is working with 2 education and other social outreach efforts to those just entering the industry and seeking general information.

All the industry standards, best practices and guidance is being expanded under the new standards program. The industry ECM standards group officially represents the US internationally as a part of the ANSI standards program related to electronic content/document/records management. AIIM also provides accreditations in many areas associated with these technologies, and the ANSI/ISO standards program provides accreditation as industry experts and recognized industry
analysts at not only the national, but also the international levels.

EID Senior Staff

The EID leadership team has the highest accreditation available within the ECM industry:

  • Laureate of Information Technology in Workflow and Laureate of Information technology in Document Imaging/Management
  • MCSE certification, extensive networking experience associated with technical architecture and design and the CDIA accreditations
Robert Blatt
Founder and Principal Consultant
(805) 529-0600

With over 30+ years of extensive technical and design experience, Robert Blatt has direct knowledge related to industry standards and how these technologies actually function in the “real-world” environments.

Ed Lee
Senior Consultant
(916) 214-0715

Mr. Ed Lee has 30 years of experience in California State service, with over 15 years was in the position of a Chief Information Officer. He worked with CalSTRS, the Department of Consumer Affairs, Contractor’s State Licensing Board, Department of Community Services and Development, and others.


Our senior staff members bring extensive experience in multiple areas affecting the planning and design of content/records management solutions. This expertise includes various resources with backgrounds such as:

  • 35+ years working directly with the planning, design, implementation, and rollout of content/records management technologies, having begun with AT&T Bell Labs during the infancy of our ‘digital’ industry and remains heavily engaged with developing standards and best practices at both the national and international levels
  • 25+ years working as a Chief Info. Officer (CIO) and Chief Technologist for multiple state agencies. This resource has implemented content/records management technologies for various agencies while functioning as CIO, along with experience assessing overall technology platforms from an enterprise architect perspective.
  • 20+ years’ experience with private and state regulatory experience including extensive experience in eDiscovery, eForensics, and records management, policies, and procedures. This resource also has extensive experience working with content/records management technologies through the design and rollout phases.
  • 25+ years’ experience working as highly experienced certified records manager with significant real-world experience developing retention schedules, policies, and best practices, along with other aspects of traditional records management disciplines and procedures.

EID resources include ECM/ERM Project Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the following areas:

Project Oversight – extensive experience with all phases of ECM/ERM project implementation. A track record of many successful projects with local and state
government, private industry, and fiscal or insurance industries. A wealth of knowledge to provide any organization guidance to achieve an ECM/ERM system as trustworthy and reliable under the ISO/ANSI best practices and standards. Full journey level staffing to mentor project managers or project teams to be in compliance with industry best practices and transfer knowledge to staff on all project phases plus share years’ worth of project lesson learned from all business sectors.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) – experience to work with project leadership and team personnel to validate that the project activities, communication and change management follow industry best practices and standards. We use independent procedures and experience to validate or check that the project team works with the software product vendor and/or integrator to ensure their software product, services, or overall system meets the business and technical requirements and specifications to fulfill mandates stated in the project charter.

Certified Records Manager (CRM) – a records manager provides expertise in all aspects of paper and document records management whether active or inactive record systems. Key activities include records retention and disposition procedures, vital records identification and protection, records management software technology, records laws and protection, etc. In addition, a CRM evaluates and optimizes all aspects of recordkeeping from creation, management, control, storage and disposition and has an in-depth knowledge of recordkeeping technologies.

Industry Regulations – broad knowledge, skills, and experience in moving organization to be in compliance with laws and regulations. All-encompassing experience in law, amending law, regulation creation and adoption, plus regulatory policies and procedures at a national or international level for records and documents management systems. Familiar with small and large business compliance to regulations on a state-by- state basis. Work with foreign countries as a SME to provide advice and guidance on what are the document and records industry standards and best practices.


There are approximately 150 people globally who have a single ANSI/AIIM Laureate, and approximately 15 people worldwide actively working with these technologies who have both ANSI/AIIM Laureate accreditations.  EID president, Robert Blatt, can boast both the ANSI/AIIM Laureate accreditations in Information Technologies in Workflow and Laureate accreditation in Information Technologies in Document Management – ensuring you receive only the highest level of industry recognized skill and expertise.

Valuable expertise with no strings attached

Many of our clients have indicated that the greatest value of our services is based on the grounds that we are “vendor neutral”.  This enables us to work closely with both vendors/resellers and clients ensuring that all selected components are implemented as anticipated, along with assisting the customer in achieving their critical success factors.  This is important from several perspectives.  First that both client and product suppliers are ensured the components being proposed and developed meet the client objectives in the desired time frame.  Another perspective is that as projects progress, there are always project related issues and problems.  With the amount of experience within EID, we are able to circumvent many of the issues and problems through the planning and management of the project.

We provide International and US Based Consulting Services.

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